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Store pictures or other resource files on the plain old File System

The simplest option is ofcourse to store the files in a specific folder, and use them from there. For example, if we would store pictures and want to use them in our website, we simply refer to a certain folder.

  • Besides of storing the images in memory and accessing them directly from here, probably there's no solution that will work faster then this.
  • Works like a charm for small amount of files (let's say its a practical solution if you have 100 or less items).

  • The folder becomes nearly inaccessible Windows Explorer. if you store (let's say 100.000 items). A more "advanced" approach would be to store each subset of the files in a specific folder. The poor-man's-solution is to spread the thousands of files into sub folders. So if the files are identified with a GUID like new Guid("aaaaaaaa-bbbb-cccc-dddd-123456789abc") could be stored in a folder structure like "/aaaa/aaaa/bbbb/cccc/dddd/1234/5678/9abc". The more sub folders, the more accessible each folder will be (however, when you need to copy one file using Windows Explorer makes you go nuts since you have located it through all the folder structures).


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