Store pictures of other resource files in a BLOB in a database

I haven't experimented myself using a database to store and retrieve thousands of -for example- pictures. I can imagine it could be a good alternative. As I use SQL Express edition 2008, I decided not to spoil the 4GB limitation on the static images in the DB. For others a BLOB solution could be a good one. Ofcourse when you store items in a database you can also benefit from the security features that the database offers. One other benefit is that the database will also automatically backup the data, where-as you should not forget to include the FileStorage in your backup plan.

Alternatives you might want to consider;
  • SQL 2008 Express (could be interesting if the amount of data you want to store is limited; by heart I think the Expression versions of SQLServer are limited to 4GB of data. If you would exceed them, you need to use the commercial versions.
  • MySQL (does not have any database size limitations as far as I am aware of; I also just tried the latest MySQL Connector 6.0 drivers that integratie in VS2008, and so far they look promising (note; no LINQ2SQL support, but hopefully the Entity Framework is compatible).
  • Postgres (I haven't had any .NET experience myself with this one)


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